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Do you have the insurance you need? 
Are you getting the insurance you want?

You have seen the commercials on TV, and heard them on the radio.  Are you getting the insurance you are paying for?  Are you paying for more insurance than you need?
With more and more options for buying insurance online, it is tempting to go online and find cheap car insurance and buy that policy.  What happens when you have a claim?  or a question about your coverages?  In the world of buying insurance there are many questions, and where you find the answers can make all the difference. 
Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail at Moorman Insurance, and we can fine tune your coverage to get you the policy that you want.  Of course we are going to suggest what we believe is the best coverage for your situation, but the decision is ultimately yours.  Some of the questions that we may ask you may include;  What is your occupation/where do you work?  How long have you been with your current employer?  How much schooling have you had?  Are you an  unmarried parent?  Although these may initially seem like invasive questions, the information can be used to find possible discounts.  Other questions may also include, who is your current  Insurance carrier, and how long have you been with your current company?  Insurance companies like to see longevity with a company, even if it isn't them! 
As an independent agent, Moorman Insurance can provide you with multiple insurance quotes with a variety of Insurance companies.  This gives you the opportunity to compare car insurance rates.  We can also quote renters insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance.  When you have more than one type of insurance with a company, you will often receive a multi policy discount.  Who doesn't like a discount on their insurance!  
Moorman Insurance is your Agency of choice.   You choose, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Personal Insurance, and Business Insurance.  All with the same company, different companies.  More coverage, less coverage.  We can take care of you anywhere in the state of Iowa!  
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We can offer you the company that is
the best fit for you.  The choice is yours!